Lewisham Church of England Secondary School will be a new 11-16 free school in the south/central Lewisham area scheduled to open in 2019. This new provision will address the current and future level of basic need which has resulted in demand for new high-quality secondary school places in the Borough. It is being established by the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education.

This provenance harnesses significant experience in secondary education provision. The Diocese of Southwark covers 12 local authorities across south London and part of Surrey, offering support and advice to 106 Church of England schools and academies and to FE and HE chaplaincies in the Diocese. In terms of the high quality of provision in our schools, 92% have been judged ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted compared to 81% nationally.

The new school will have 8 forms of entry with 30 pupils per form, giving a PAN of 240 and a total number of students on roll at steady state from 2023 onwards of 1200. We plan to include a Unit within the school for 25 ASD spectrum students in keeping with the view of the LA Director for Children and Young People and the fully inclusive ethos of the school. This will contribute to the inclusion of ASD students who are often unfairly treated (UCL Institute of Child Health report) and support their progress towards a future role as independent contributing members of society by avoiding the ‘Beautiful Minds Wasted’ outcome (The Economist, April 2016).

Our dual focus on maths and modern foreign languages will motivate students by using relevant real-life contexts including via immersion learning applications, and support higher standards in other subjects through cross-curricular working e.g. numeracy across the curriculum, as well as benefiting from liaison with our partner schools. Lewisham Church of England Secondary School will establish and develop strong mutually beneficial partnerships with the local family of schools, local agencies, business, and charities to support learning opportunities for our students and develop our teachers, meeting Equality Act 2010 requirements. Our school will prepare students to be the future professional workforce for Lewisham, London and beyond. A wide-ranging enrichment programme will be provided during an extended day which will include a Breakfast Club and after-school supervised Homework Club, supporting personal as well as academic development while offering parent-friendly provision.

This ambitious Church of England school will be non-selective, co-educational and as an inclusive school it will be open to all children from all backgrounds. Students from families of all faiths and no faith will be able to gain admission. In keeping with Free School requirements including the national Schools Admissions Code and related legislation, at least 50% of our pupils will be admitted without reference to faith when the school is oversubscribed.

All trustees, governors and staff will work to ensure that every student achieves their maximum potential in a safe, supportive, high-expectation and high achieving school.